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I just reviewed: ‘Internet Marketing with WordPress’ by David Mercer

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‘Internet Marketing with WordPress’ by David Mercer – On Amazon

Go check out the Internet Marketing with WordPress book yourself on the Packt’s website
Internet Marketing with WordPress Amazon
Having been a WordPress user for some time, this book still pulled out some suprises for me. It is very well structured and easy to read giving you a step by step walk through some of the concepts of internet marketing and how you can achieve good results with WordPress. This is not a book just about WordPress, rather gives you a good grounding in online marketing concepts like paid search (PPC), traffic generating strategies, landing pages, analytics and so much more. I’ve attended one day seminars that touch on some of the concepts in this book and paid $100s to attend, so this book is well worth the investment.

Although slightly aimed at hosted websites, there is still massive value for website owners who self-host their websites to take away ideas and strategies to help them build a better, more successful online business.

Even if you’re totally new to the concepts and opportunities online marketing can offer, what you’ll learn in this book can be applied in your online business. I read the book in a few hours, its easy to read and highly recommended.

‘Internet Marketing with WordPress’ by David Mercer

I just reviewed: ‘Internet Marketing with WordPress’ by David Mercer

Article by John Miles.

Title: I just reviewed: ‘Internet Marketing with WordPress’ by David Mercer
URL text: I Just Reviewed Internet Marketing With Wordpress By David Mercer
Keywords: internet marketing with wordpress download,

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