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Conversion Optimization Case Studies

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Take note people, this stuff is gold..

  1. Best A/B Test Case Studies of 2010
    Badass lesson: A bunch of great case studies for ideas and inspiration. Always remember that all products and consumers are different, so one test lesson isn’t going to replicate it’s results all the time.
  2. Landing Page Optimization tips: analysis of 50+ sites to find out what increases sales and conversions
    Badass lesson: After analyzing over 50 sites, it seems people are still using too much text, non descriptive headlines (much too common), no CTA or too many, lack of social proof. These are basic elements that are still being neglected. Badass points removed for anyone who fails these concepts.
  3. Impact of TV imagery on website conversion rates
    Badass lesson: TV advertising can boost traffic. No shock there. But message match was the critical takeaway here for me. While the TV ads were running the page converted much better because the actor in the Ad was present on the page (message match) – when the TV ads were not running it wasn’t as good – because there was no relevancy or “ad message momentum”. Always match your page to your ad.
  4. How we grew a web app’s sales by 33%. (Includes a useful PDF.)
    Badass lesson: Let user research and insight lead the way for your initial optimization changes.
  5. Increasing Lead Capture by 27% – A Conversion Optimization Case Study
    Badass lesson: If you’re doing lead gen, be up front about it. Stick the form in a prominent position on the page and give it a solid CTA to attract attention. Even better would be to have a dedicated landing page for this sole purpose.
  6. How we made an extra £14 million a year for a travel company
    Badass lesson: If you are able to uncover fundamental visitor questions through research (surveys and usability testing) then you can directly address these questions through targeted design changes on your page that answer these questions when or before they’re asked.
  7. How I Set Up and Sold a Product Using Unbounce, Wufoo and Chargify
    Badass lesson: Forget the mention of Unbounce (not trying to plug it here) – the message is that with the right tools you can whip up working systems quickly by connecting small services together and making fast iterations as you learn from your customers. Just a great article.
  8. Startup Finds Success with Conversion Optimization: Tripled Revenues, 91%+ Leads, Lead Acquisition Costs slashed by 30%
    Badass lesson: Sometimes moving your page elements around (in this case a form) and testing your copy can produce dramatic results.

Conversion Optimization Case Studies

Article by John Miles.

Title: Conversion Optimization Case Studies
URL text: Conversion Optimization Case Studies
Keywords: powered by phpBB people in australia,

John is a WordPress developer who creates the opportunity for Sunshine Coast business owners, as well as clients all across Australia, to create a sustainable internet business., John has written 152 awesome articles on this website.

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